Friday, March 21, 2014

Overnight Steel Cut Oats - No Cooking Needed!

I saw a recipe for how to make overnight oats on the Yahoo food website -  It calls for rolled oats but I like to eat steel cut oats.  Here's a quick primer on oat types (taken from
  • Steel Cut Oats: If you cut groats into two or three pieces with a sharp metal blade, you get steel cut oats. They cook quicker than oat groats, because water can more easily penetrate the smaller pieces. Steel cut oats are also sometimes called Irish oatmeal.
  • Rolled Oats: regular (old fashioned): Rolled oats (sometimes called old fashioned oats) are created when oat groats are steamed and then rolled into flakes. This process stabilizes the healthy oils in the oats, so they stay fresh longer, and helps the oats cook faster, by creating a greater surface area.
  • Rolled Oats: quick or instant: If you roll the oat flakes thinner, and/or steam them longer, you create quick oats and ultimately instant oats. The nutrition stays the same (these are all whole grains) but the texture changes – a plus for some people and a drawback for others. The good thing about having so many choices is that everyone can get exactly the taste they like best!

I decided I might as well try it with the steel cut oats.  Here's how I made it.

1/4 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup whole milk
1-2 tablespoons maple syrup
2-3 tablespoons coconut

Mix ingredients in jar.  Screw on lid and place in refrigerator overnight.  Pour into a bowl and enjoy for breakfast.

Notes: You can use any sweetener you like and any milk you like.  Also, I'm sure raisins or currants would be great in it.  They would be moist from sitting in the liquid all night.