Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grilled Potato Salad

If you've discussed grilling with me, then you know I've made grilled potato salad in the past. Well, I've found a better way. Slice the potatoes instead of chunks.

Olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper
Red pepper flakes
White wine vinegar

Peel or wash the potatoes well. Slice as consistently as possible (about 1/4 inch). Parboil for about 5 minutes. Dry the potatoes thoroughly. In a bowl big enough to hold the potatoes, mix the last 5 ingredients to make a sauce (use the amounts that will coat the number of potatoes you have). On a preheated grill, grill the potatoes until they are browned on both sides. Return them to the bowl with the sauce and mix with the remains. Enjoy!


Mommy Gourmet said...

That sounds really good.

Rodney Smiley said...

Ok now - I'm so getting with this the first chance I get this spring to have a grillout - by the way, try using a mandoline to slice the pots with. It makes quick work of slicing uniformly. :)

Wonder what would happen if you kicked up the mustard a bit with chili powder?

MMH said...

So glad I checked out the comments! Love the idea of chili powder. I'm making this recipe tonight (coincidentally) - if the rain permits, that is.