Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to Cook Everything

I used this cookbook to make 4 different things last weekend!

1. Beef stroganoff - a very easy recipe that took less than 30 minutes. LTH (my son) loved the noodles. He doesn't seem to like the texture of beef yet but he must like the flavor.
2. Olive oil salt bread - a simple quick bread that I think will become a go to recipe. The basic recipe does not have much flavor. But, you just add spices or other mix ins that will match the rest of the meal and voila, you have a great side dish.
3. Cinnamon rolls - this recipe is a yeast bread. They turned out ok. I was not crazy about the glaze he recommended. Next time, I'll use my Mom's.
4. Chicken pot pie - I started with a whole chicken and made my own broth. There was so much chicken that I made chicken stir fry later in the week and there's still enough chicken and broth in the freezer to make 2 more pies!

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