Saturday, January 02, 2010

What Else Does My Son Eat?

I thought I'd add to the list of foods. As an update on Peanut, he'll be 16 months on 1/7. He had his 15 month well baby visit last Tuesday. He weighed in at almost 22 pounds and is almost 31 inches long. He's a long skinny boy!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes (sweet potato fries was on the last list but I've decided that just roasting the sweet potatoes is almost as easy if I plan and are definitely better for him)
Stuffing (I may just break down and buy Stove Top to make for him :)
Ancho Pork and Hominy Stew (previous post) (he actually just liked the hominy stew part and not the pork. I'll post a modified recipe soon)
French fries (we've found that he actually likes these now. I'm not going to make them at home since they'll be a nice treat when we're eating out)
Broccoli sauteed in garlic
Benedictine spread (cream cheese and cucumbers) from Garnett's Cafe

And we've found a cheese that he does NOT like

Stilton Cheese

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