Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 7: Friday, 2/11 through Thursday, 2/17

Friday, 2/11 - Lobster Tail with Lemon and Butter with Garlic Broccoli - COMPLETE - should have bought a small steak for MTH and I to share as well.  We didn't have enough to eat.  I ended up making a batch of brownies afterward!!
Saturday, 2/12 - Black bean tacos with steamed carrots and corn - We made turkey meatball pizza sandwiches instead.  These were really good!  Pizza sandwich just means we used pizza crust as our bread for the sandwich.  These sandwiches also had yummy caramelized onions on them.
Sunday, 2/13 - Out to dinner with MTH - We ended up not going out to dinner as LTH did not sleep well the night before.  We at takeout from a local sushi restaurant.  LTH and I shared the salmon teriyaki and MTH had the sushi.
Monday, 2/14 -Couscous Casserole with Cauliflower and Ricotta (p.480) - LTH loved this meal; MTH was not come home the night we first had it.  On Tuesday, we had it for leftovers and he wouldn't taste it.  I think he would have liked it.  Maybe next time.
Tuesday, 2/15 - Leftovers
Wednesday, 2/16 - Macaroni and cheese sauce with sweet potato fries - LTH loves this meal always! It's definitely a stereotypical toddler meal.  But, I like it too.
Thursday, 2/17 - Hashbrowns with cheese and baked sweet potatoes - LTH is not as into hashbrowns as I am but he does love his baked sweet potatoes plus he loves cheese.

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